Ramadan SMS

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1. The Holy Fast Has Begun
Together With Fajar Azan.
Let The Fast Bring Happiness To You.
Let Grace Abound In Your Home
May Allah Bless And Protect You.

2. Ramadan is the month of blessings….
Whose beginning is MERCY,
Whose middle is FORGIVENESS,
Whose end is CELEBRATION
3. Ramadan is the best chance
to ask Allah for forgiveness.
Thank him for his blessings and
for keeping you alive till this moment.

4. He is the one GOD;
the Creater, the Initiate, the Designer.
To Him belong the most beautiful names…
He is the Almighty, Most Wise.
5. Ramadan Recipe
A Glass Of Care
A Plate Of Luv
A Spoon Of Peace
A Fork Of Truth &
A Bowl Of Duaas.
Mix With Spices Of Quraan.
Enjoy This Meal.
Ramadan Mubarak
6. All Muslims Brothers and Sisters,
Ramzan teaches us Patience, Polite,
forgiveness and hardwark.
May ALLAH gives all Muslims for polite,
patience and forgiveness (Aamin)
7. What A Night, One wakes Another
No Night Could Be Better & No Gift Could Be Better Than a Guide,
For The Journey Of Life, It Is Recommended To Spend A Part Of The Nights In Prayers..
“Seekers are Winners, Sleepers are Losers”
8. Welcome Ramadan
Walk humbly
Talk politely
Dress neatly
Treat kindly
Pray attentively
Donate generously
May ALLAH bless & protect you!
9. A Good News 4 U..!
Coming To Meet U..
After A Few Days,
Welcome Me With Open Arms,
And Smiling Face 🙂
Your’s Well Wisher,

10. Ramadan is a month of Allah
Whose beginning is
Whose middle is
Whose end is Freedom from Fire
11. Ramadan Kareem Mubarik.
May Allah Enables Us
To Do M0re And M0re Good Deeds
N To Make The M0st Of Dix M0nth…
May Allah Forgive R Sins.Ameen.
Remembr Me In Ur Prayers.
12. ‘Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Quran,
as a guide to mankind,
also clear (Signs) for guidance
and judgment (between right and wrong)’
13. ‘Verily, Allah does not look towards your bodies
nor towards your appearances. But,
he looks towards your hearts. (Muslim)’
14. I’m Shabaan
My Neighbor
Ramazan Told Me That He’s Coming
To Your House Tommorrow
With His Wife Roza And 3 Kids …
Touba , Rehmat And Barkat ….
And They Will Return By
Wid Eid Airways After 30 Days ..
Ramazan Mubarak
15. Today Holy Month Ramadan Starts
Fasting Month brings lot of best for the human life,
in this month gets the time to see our soul
and trying to concetrate towards Allah and lot more

16. ‘SHAITAN ass0ciat0n invites all membrz 4 the
annual meeting 2 discus ther vacati0n 0f the m0nth 0f RAMZAN !!

s0 ur attendance as a seniour member is required ..’

17. Prophet never proceeded (4 the prayer)
on the Day of Id-ul-Fitr
unless he had eaten some dates.
Anas also narrated:
The Prophet used 2 eat odd number of dates

18. Prophet Said: “whoever Stood For The Prayers a in The Night Of Qadr Out Of Sincere
faith And Hoping For A Reward From Allah,
then All His Previous Sins Will Be Forgiven
19. SIMPLE and SMALL Commitments for Ramzan
1. Think before speaking.
2. Don’t see movies for time passing.
3. Don’t waste Dua time by opening TV before Aftaar.
4. Avoid anger cum conflict with people by deferring the issue or immediate resolution.

May Allah enable us to reap ramzan benefits. Aameen’

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